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Our culture

A nice workspace is a must

Our company is established in an amazing former family hotel. Its hotel function is no longer required, but the family feeling remained. Our team members respond to each other perfectly, and they have a lot of knowledge. We love to step outside our box, instead of colouring inside the lines. It’s only with the help of our team and our customers that Cubic Colors can do what she loves most: selling the best interior products with passion!

Feel welcome at the Cubic Colors-family

Our family gets bigger and bigger… and we’re incredibly pleased with that! By buying in our online shop, you become a family member as well. After all: by trusting Cubic Colors, we feel responsible for the best service and high-quality products. Is there a problem with your obtained article or do you have other questions? We’re there for you! Orders with urge or customisation are possible as well. Together we look for a solution, just like real families do!

Open communication and short lines

When you can be who you want to be, an open and honest commitment is the result. Knowing what your colleague is capable of makes the both of you a great team. Together we grow, stimulate and take chances. And when we receive a question that we can’t answer, we investigate the answer and let you know as soon as possible. Our motto stays: shopping is fun. And we love to keep it that way...

Help us to grow even further

Collaboration is the code word for a succesful company. That’s why we consult with our team members and love to hear from you. Listening brings us further. Tell us what’s satisfying about Cubic Colors and which improvements there are. Together we can optimise our website and service.

Onze cultuur