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Door handles on rose

A well-chosen door handle is like an ornament for every door. And it’s no coincidence that we have an extensive collection of these ‘jewellery’ here at Cubic Colors! Whether you choose a sophisticated or sturdy door handle on rose: you have plenty of options in our shop. Besides the variation in shape, you get to choose between dozens of finishes. The right colour makes your door handle a perfect part of your interior. And if you don’t exactly know what you want, we’re here to help. In the left menu, you find the option ‘Lifestyle’. By choosing one of the styles, you see a selection of door handles that match this style. Easy peasy!

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Finish your door handle off with a rose or plate

A door handle can’t be mounted independently on a door. It always needs a plate or rose to keep it in place and to cover ugly spindle holes. A rose or plate also helps to protect the door and the door handle. If your rose has a built-in spring, the handle will automatically jump back in its horizontal pose after using it. Generally, people more often choose a rose than a plate. It keeps the door fittings subtle. Yet there may be good reasons to go for a plate. This allows you to eliminate old mounting holes or make your door fittings stand out. We, therefore, suggest viewing our collection of door handles on plate as well.

Complete your door handle on rose with the right accessories

Do you want to assemble your door fittings on an inner door with a latch (and no lock)? Then a door handle on rose is sufficient to operate the door. But when it comes to locking an inside door, there are several door fittings accessories possible. For example, a toilet spindle on rose for toilet and bathroom locks and an escutcheon for older types of keyholes. Of course, there are also cylinder roses available so that you can lock a room with the help of a euro profile cylinder and a regular key.

GPF CombiVari combines your favourite door handle on rose

Are you having a hard time choosing the perfect door handle on rose? Find help with the GPF Wizard. This step-by-step guide guides you to the best door handle for your situation. Manufacturer GPF has an asset with her online GPF Wizard. It makes choosing door fittings a party! You decide which finish or style belongs to your door fittings. Then, you select a door handle that appeals you, and you match it with a rose or plate. In the last step, you can eventually add accessories. And look at that: your personally chosen door fittings are ready to be ordered!