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Let’s go to the core of every door: its door lock. A proper lock helps to close your door correctly and lets your door and door fittings function optimally. Besides that, a good spring-loaded latch ensures stable use of the door. Find the perfect lock for your situation by looking through the ones in our webshop.

Roller bolt lock Lips 2072M brass frontplate
Roller bolt lock Lips 2072M brass frontplate
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Roller bolt lock Lips 2072R stainless steel satin front plate
Roller bolt lock Lips 2072R stainless steel satin front plate
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€ 124.94
Per piece
Roller bolt lock Lips 2072N nickel plated front plate
Roller bolt lock Lips 2072N nickel plated front plate
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€ 99.95
Per piece

Choosing the right door lock

To select the door lock that matches your wishes best, you should first know which types of locks there are. A mortise lock is commonly used for inside doors. For outside doors, a multi-point lock is most used. This type of lock gives extra security, for it locks the door on three or even five places to the door frame. Turn and release fittings are specially made for bathrooms and toilets. All three of these mortise locks are powered by a key or a rotary knob. Even smart locks are possible to lock up your door. When a door doesn’t have to be locked (for example because it leads to a closet or a bedroom) a latch plate or latch rose is enough.

Locks for day and night

When you want to lock up your door with a key or knob, you need a sash lock or a Euro profile lock. This type of lock contains a latch and a deadlock. You can open the latch by turning the door handle. When the door is closed, the latch makes sure that it stays in its frame. The deadlock can be opened with a key (in the case of a sash lock or a Euro profile lock) or a doorknob (in the case of a turn and release lock). A Euro profile lock can be operated with a commonly used Euro profile cylinder. Do you prefer an older lock? Try a sash lock that can be operated with a more traditional key. Turn and release locks are ideal for toilets and bathrooms. You don’t need a key to use them, and it can only be opened from the inside.

The ease of a latch

A latch is a perfect help to close a door but avoid it from locking up. For instance, it is excellent when draft from the hall is avoided into the living room, but in most cases, it’s not necessary to lock this door. That’s the reason why a latch is a perfect help for living rooms and bedrooms.


Some (small) spaces in your house need to be locked, but they don’t need there own door handle. Think for example about the china cabinet or the game cabinet. For these cases, there are deadlocks. They can only be opened and locked up with a key.

Locking up without a key: the future is now!

When you want to secure your door without a key, there are a lot of possibilities. A smart lock is developed to protect your outside door adequately. You unlock the door with your smartphone, a remote control, a code or your own fingerprint. When you want to secure an inside door without a key, you can choose for a code lock. Multiple people can enter a room with the same code without the use of a lot of keys. A code lock is, for example, convenient in the warehouse of a company or the private room in a shop.

Essential accessories for your door frame

When you’ve decided which lock is going to be perfect for your situations, some extra accessories make sure that it functions great. Strike plates are metal plates that are placed on the door frame opposite the door lock. This strike plate catches the latch and the deadlock without damaging the frame. There are special strike boxes available for the additional closures of multi-point locks.