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Utensil Legno

About the brand...

Utensil Legno is specialised in the fabricating and recovering of old antique door fittings and furniture fittings. With their line ‘Il Forgiato’ the shapes and the manual work of old times are revived. The wrought iron products get the finish ‘antique iron’: an ageing treatment that lets the metal rust naturally.

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Pure craftsmanship

Utensil Legno’s products are fabricated of wrought iron, and they have a traditional style. Craftsmanship is a must, for the door fittings and furniture fittings are partly handmade. The factory does more than the manufacturing of their own products. They even make your personal favourites by showing them a painting or image.

‘Il Forgiato’: how rust returned on pieces of furniture

Through years of research into the ageing process that works best for wrought iron, Utensil Legno found a great finish that makes products rust naturally. ‘Antique iron’ – as the colour is called – doesn’t use coloured paint or wax, so the result feels and looks just like a ‘real’ antique product. The new styles that ‘Il Forgiato’ introduced are antique silver, antique gold and Italian black. Three finishes that bring you back to the past, just like antique iron.

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Decorating with traditional, solid quality

‘Il Forgiato’ combines the quality of the material with stylish shapes and modern techniques to guarantee this quality. One of the last steps in the process is the coating of each product. This way, the old styles retain, but the products are suitable for daily use indoors.

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