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About the brand...

The products of Kirkpatrick are fabricated traditionally in their iron foundry in Walsall (England). This results in a beautiful appearance. The craft can be felt and seen, and every piece of them is an asset to the lifestyle ‘Rural & authentic’.

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Wrought iron products for connoisseurs

Kirkpatrick creates a perfect collection for those who love authentic English fittings. The products have character, and you can clearly see that time and effort were put into them. The range of Kirkpatrick contains door handles, accessories, knobs, pull handles, front door fittings, house figures, hinges, bolts, latches, window fittings, jackets, lighting and even more.

Manufacturing wrought iron

Kirkpatrick’s products are handcrafted with the Greensand casting method. To be able to forge, file and drill these products, they are annealed with heat treatment. The ovens with a capacity of 6-8 tons need two days to get to the annealing temperature of 980 degrees. The casting parts are immersed in this temperature for 80 hours after which they are cooled naturally. These casting parts are no longer hard and brittle but are now soft and malleable.

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Finishing wrought iron

After steel blasting and grinding the sharp burrs, the casting parts are assembled to the end product they will be. Iron – whether it’s a cast part or forged – is sensitive for rust. That is why the lacquering gets a lot of attention as well. First, an anticorrosive layer is applied. Then, the products get immersed in the paint and get to dry in the oven. A black powder coating is a finishing touch for each article, after with the wrought iron gets hardened and dried in the oven. And… ready to use!

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