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About the brand...

Ivana is well-known for her wide range fasteners and construction materials, as well as their building hardware and tools. The assortment of the company is versatile and full of quality. That’s why a lot of construction companies love to use the products of Ivana.

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Over 60 years of Dutch history

Since 1958, Ivana wholesalers and specialised stores to provide them with building hardware, paint, tools, machinery and fasteners. Founder Isaac van Aalten was just as versatile as its contemporary range: he was a designer, architect, inventor and hardware dealer! In 1966, the first catalogue of Ivana is launched, and the company keeps on growing. Nowadays, there are more than 80 branches spread over the Netherlands and Belgium. That means that there is always a company near you. The most important target audiences of Ivana are contractors, construction companies, carpentry factories and handymen.

Vision and mission

Ivana’s goal is to create a reliable, professional brand that deserves its spurs with usability and quality. Expertise, innovative ideas, reliability and involvement are core values to achieve this. It makes the assortment significant and an added value to the market.

Ivana impressie
Ivana impressie
Ivana impressie
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