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About the brand...

Argenta’s makers of qualitative products create beautiful solutions for the opening and closing of doors for more than a decennium. The company started in 1909 under the name of Argent Alu. What began with a wide assortment (lift-off) hinges, grew out to be a sophisticated collection of visible and invisible door fittings.

Argenta Logo

Redefinition of building hardware

Argenta lifts the operation of doors to a higher level. Her line with invisible products makes sure that (the mounting of) doors can hardly be noticed in a room. And what do you think of their fantastic pivot hinges that uniquely twist your door? With Argenta’s ‘invisidoor’-line, the company chooses the path of advanced technology which let doors blend into the room. A style that fits the trend of minimalistic and tight interiors perfectly!

Acquire knowledge and develop yourself

There’s a reason why Argent Alu has ‘opening doors’ underneath her logo. The company develops new techniques at her own development department and test laboratory. But there’s more than meets the eye! For example, the production, aluminium machining, anodization, painting and assembly are done by the company itself. That way, the quality of the products can be guaranteed, and new developments can be launched quickly

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