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Coronavirus: disinfect your door handles

Around the world, there is a fight going on against the coronavirus. Taking personal hygiene measures into account is essential, but there is more you can do. For example, think about disinfecting door handles! Did you know that you touch the door handle more often than the TV remote control? And since you are usually not alone in contacting door furniture, good hygiene is crucial to fight corona.

Stainless steel Hipi door handle

The door handle is an indirect handshake

If several people use the same door handle, the object becomes an indirect handshake full of remains. Good hygiene is essential! You should also disinfect on a regular base when you stay in a house or building where home quarantine applies to one or more housemates.

Corona: how do I clean my door handles?

In a normal situation, it is enough to clean your door handle with water and a solution of green soap. However, this does not apply to wooden door fittings: in many cases, you can only polish this with a dry cloth. Unfortunately, green soap alone is not enough to fight the coronavirus. Antibacterial cleaning products do not help either because corona is a virus. It is recommended to clean the door handles, pull handles and knobs regularly with alcohol because that is the only way to tackle the germs. Research even shows that the coronavirus survives for a long time on stainless steel and plastic. Outcomes range from six or seven hours of survival to even three days. This shows the urgency of disinfection! However, pay attention to the material of your door handle. Not every finish can withstand aggressive agents. For example, you can use alcohol on a stainless steel surface, but it could possibly cause a white haze or discolouration on coated finishes. If you are not sure whether your door handle can withstand alcohol, you can first try a small piece at the bottom of the handle.

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