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RiZZ Door mat anthracite/teak 'Bespoke and Project'

  • Shipment ready in 4 weeks
Regular Price: € 1,136.19 Special Price: € 965.76
Per m², incl.VAT

The terms heavy, durable and effective best summarise the 'Bespoke and Project' collection from RiZZ. The door mat is custom made especially for you so that it fits perfectly into your situation. After the door mat is made to the right size, it is finished with an anthracite-coloured frame. with a teak accent. Would you prefer a customised door mat without a frame, for example, so that it can be placed in a recess in the floor? That is also possible in the Bespoke and Project collection!

Note: after payment, the delivery time for this product is four weeks.

Please note! If you place this doormat on an uneven surface, the doormat will break! Therefore, make sure that the surface on which you will place this doormat even is. Read more.

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Regular Price: € 1,136.19 Special Price: € 965.76
Per m², incl.VAT
More information RiZZ is the supplier of an extensive range of luxury interior items that give comfort and design a high priority. The company is characterised by high-quality materials and a perfect eye for detail. RiZZ door mat Bespoke and Project fits perfectly within the product range because the mat is very functional and has a stylish look.

Wiping feet 2.0
Sweeping your feet reaches a whole new level when you use our Bespoke and Project! The mat is effective due to its unique technique: in fact, when you wipe your feet well they become cleaner than they were! The Bespoke and Project is easy to clean, and maintenance is minimal. Of course, the door mat is very suitable for outdoor use. It is, therefore, the perfect solution to stop the dirt from outside (for example, what you take from the garden, through your shoes). The great advantage of this door mat is that it can be fully customised. That makes the Bespoke and Project suitable for every situation.

Which materials together make doormat Bespoke and Project?
The inner frame of this door mat is made of pressed PVC. The mat has a stainless steel strip (RVS 304) and a brush plate made of (grey) UV-resistant nylon (6.6 / 0.40). The aluminium frame of the door mat is anodised and finished with an anthracite-coloured powder coating. The teak element is a beautiful detail on the door mat.
Good to know...
  • The door mat even removes sand and dirt from profiled soles.
  • Bespoke and Project is completely customized so that it meets all your needs.
  • Can be delivered with or without a frame.
  • Cleaning the door mat is simple.
  • Bespoke and Project requires little maintenance and has a long lifespan.
  • Very suitable for outdoor use.
  • Because of its luxurious look, door mat Bespoke and Project is very nice to see.
  • The teak detail is very nice.
  • The door mat is pricey.
  • If the paving on the outside of your door is very high, the mat is too high to be able to open the door.

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