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Roller bolt lock

Roller bolt locks are part of the family of locks, but at the same time, they work in a different, unique way. A roller bolt lock doesn’t have a latch. It has a roll that rolls itself through the strike plate. This type of lock is among other things favourite in homes for seniors or disabled people.

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The roller bolt lock: just keep rollin’!

The big plus of a roller bolt lock is that you no longer have to pull the handle of a door when you want to open it. The lock rolls both ways, so you can always push it open. It is essential that your door and your door frame are compatible with this. Therefore, you can’t have a rebate, because it prevents the door from swinging around. You need a special hinge as well, and bomb hinges are the right choice. They turn both ways and are therefore the best help for your roller bolt lock.

Choose the right strike plate

An alternative lock asks for alternative extras like a roller strike plate. This plate has a broader opening in which the roll fits precisely. When the door is closed, this strike plate makes sure that the door stays in its place. The roller bolt lock doesn’t contain a lock, so you don’t need space for that in your strike plate.