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We give you the option to compile our door fittings yourself. Our wide range of plates is a great help! Choose your favourite door handle and finish it with a plate in the same style. That way, you enjoy freedom, great choice and door fittings that fit all of your wishes.

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The importance of a plate

A plate is more than a nice finish on the door. Of course: the looks are important. But besides that, this fastener gives extra strength to the door handle. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid that the door handle will hang for the plate restrains it on both sides. The plate also makes sure that the moving door handle is not in contact with the door. This saves scratches and any paint that may come from the door.

Choose your door handle on plate with GPF CombiVari

The interactive concept GPF CombiVari gives you the possibility to compile your own door fittings. How? Discover your favourite door handle with the help of GPF Wizard, combine it with a beautiful plate and enjoy the door fittings you composed yourself! Do you prefer a door handle on rose? Please take a look at our roses and their varied options.

Measure so that you know what you need

Are you planning on buying a plate and do you want to combine this with a Euro profile cylinder, keyhole or a turn and release lock? Take into account that you measure the distance between the heart of the door handle and the hart of the lock. For example, Euro profile cylinders usually have a size between 55 and 92 millimetres. When you order your plate in the wrong size, it won’t correspond with the lock in your door. Therefore, you can’t fit a cylinder in it. Read more information about measuring you plate size at our information page.

The safety plate provides safety at an outside door

The plates on this page are meant explicitly for inside doors. You need extra strong safety plates for you outside door to prevent a burglary. You find an overview with products for extra security at our safety fittings page.